Exhibition range

  1. Water extraction and treatment
    1. Drilling Equipment
    2. Well construction and repair
    3. Well monitoring
    4. Process-water and rain-water harvesting
    5. Sea-water desalination
    6. Rainwater collection
    7. Machinery and equipment for irrigation and drainage
  2. Water and sewage treatment
    1. Mechanical-physical processes
    2. Separator systems
    3. Rakes, screens, flters
    4. Sewage treatment plants
    5. Chemical-physical processes
    6. Biochemical processes
    7. Treatment of sludge and residues
  3. Water distribution and sewers
    1. Pipes / pipelines
    2. Shafts / special structures / techniques
    3. Sewer construction and rehabilitation
    4. Sewer inspection, cleaning and maintenance
    5. Pumps, lifting tackle
    6. Outlets and fittings
    7. Fitting / valves
    8. Water pipeline cleansing
  4. Refuse disposal and recycling
    1. Refuse sorting, collection and transport
    2. Vehicles and superstructures
    3. Road cleaning and maintenance machines
    4. Refuse treatment (mechanical, biological, and thermal treatment) and recycling
    5. Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste
    6. Treatment and disposal of infectious medical waste
    7. Treatment and recycling of electronic waste
    8. Landfills
    9. Plants and equipment for the recycling and utilization of raw materials
    10. General purpose equipment, devices and accessories
    11. Transmission engineering, fluid technology and power generation units
    12. Accessories and wear parts
    13. Waste suppliers, distributors and traders
  5. Generating energy from waste materials
    1. Biogas plants/fermentation, components
    2. Utilization of landfill gas
    3. Substrate processing transport and feed systems
    4. Gas transport, treatment and utilization
    5. Treatment of fermentation waste materials
    6. Biomass Logistics
    7. Heat recovery from waste water
    8. Waste heat and waste pressure utilization
  6. Energy efficiency technologies, services and products within the range of water, sewage, refuge and recycling
    1. Energy saving and emission reduction result display
    2. Industry energy saving technologies and equipment (primary and secondary processes)
    3. Energy saving services and energy management contracts
    4. Other energy saving technologies and products
  7. Decontamination of old sites/soil treatment
    1. Registration, evaluating and monitoring contaminated soil, groundwater and buildings
    2. Treatment of contaminated soil
    3. Treatment of contaminated groundwater
  8. Air pollution control and noise reduction
    1. Flue-gas rubbing and air extraction
    2. Noise reduction / Sound insulation
  9. Measuring, control and laboratory technology
    1. Measuring technology
    2. Analysis/laboratory technology
    3. Control technology
    4. Process technology for water, sewage, refuse and air
  10. Environment management and services
    1. Disposal services
    2. Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
    3. Engineering services, environmental management, eco-auditing
    4. Financing and PPP (Public Private Partnership)
    5. Computer hardware and software
    6. Analysis laboratories
    7. Aid organizations
  11. Science, research, technology transfer
    1. Trade associations and institutions
    2. Research institutes / universities
    3. Specialty publishers, trade literature, databases


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Present your company at the industry's leading trade fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse and Recycling. The show brings together the full value chain in environmental technologies which includes engineers, water and waste industry experts, manufacturers, suppliers, government and municipality representatives and investors, offering networking and trade opportunities and potential customers from all over the world.

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High-calibre forum programme addressing various topics from the water, sewage, refuse and recycling sectors Brings together and inspire solution providers, practitioners and decision-makers to share knowledge and experience that relates to the proven and innovative environmental technologies, particularly in the water and waste sectors

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IFAT Africa 2019 Trade Fair For Water, Sewage, Refuse And Recycling July 9 - 11, 2019

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IFAT 2017 review

For the first time as a stand-alone event, IFAT Africa became the hub for environmental technology in Southern Africa. Over 1,800 visitors gathered over three days at the Johannesburg Expo Centre from September 12 to 14, 2017. IFAT Africa broke new ground in terms of exhibitors and floor space: 152 exhibitors took part in the trade fair, an increase of 31 percent compared to the previous event, and a 33 percent increase in floor space.

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